URGENT: New Pop Up Advertisements Could Be Harmful To Your Computer - Here's How To Get Rid Of Them

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Unwanted Pop-ups, happen when your computer is infected with malware or viruses. Shady advertisements are a major cause of viruses.

Common symptoms included: Pop-ups, program lock-ups, slow PC performance, program not responding, system freezes, unexpected startup and shutdown problems, installation errors, missing drivers or hardware failure.

The Solution:
Lack of PC security, Anti-Virus software and downloading infected software is the cause of the all unwanted Pop-ups on your computer. Norton 360 is highly recommended to diagnose and detect issues on your computer. Norton 360's all-in-one security solutions include 1.Realtime virus protection 2. Web browsing firewall 3. Faster computer speeds 4. Protection across multiple devices including phones and 5. removal of infected software causing pop-ups. Just follow the easy steps below...

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Have you seen pop-ups like this on your computer recently?

If you're reading this web page, then you've seen these pop-ups before. You just clicked on one to view this website.

These pop-ups are showing up on your PC because you've been infected with malicious software that is designed to spam your PC with pop-ups.

These types of pop-ups can contain viruses and other malware that can infect your PC with viruses and keyloggers. Once these harmful programs are installed, they can have access to private data such as passwords, credit card numbers, and bank account login information.

Once these programs are installed, they can be difficult to remove completely without proper tools.

Here at Norton 360, we created this website to reach the victims of these harmful pop-ups. The companies who run these pop-ups, sell them to the highest bidder for companies to advertise directly to you. If you are seeing this website, you are a victim of these pop-ups which is how you've ended up on this website. We are using their own pop-up system to reach victims like you so we can show you how to protect your PC and remove these unwanted pop-ups.

What Can I Do To Remove These Pop-ups From My Computer?

The first step in removing these harmful pop-ups on your computer is to install a reputable computer protection software such as Norton 360. We specialize in finding and removing these malicious pop-up programs from your PC. Norton 360 also actively protects your computer while you surf the web so you can't be infected again.

It's important to understand that if you're seeing this website, your computer IS infected. There is no other way you could view this website as it targets only people infected by these malicious programs. Immediate action in removing these programs with Norton 360 is recommended to protect your data.

Here are the steps you need to take to remove these harmful pop-ups from your PC...

Step 2: Run A Quick Scan On Your PC To Find The Unwanted Program(s)

Step 3: Delete Any Infected Files Found On Your PC.

Step 4: Your PC Is Now Clean and Protected With Norton 360 2020!

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